Industrial Strength IT for Hawaii Businesses

Network & Performance Monitoring

Network & Performance Monitoring

Network & Performance MonitoringYour business network performance is key to efficiency and productivity. There are many situations that causes a network to under-perform. But finding the source of the problem is the challenge. MethodIT, in a methodical way, can find the problem whether it is a faulty equipment, a user using too much bandwidth, or a virus or malware causing problems on your system.

Wireless capabilities on your business network has become a part of daily business life. Whether it be a user with a wireless laptop to mobile users of smart phones and tablets, to scanning devices to wireless printing. The list goes on as to how wireless networks has become part of our lives. Wireless performance now is just as important as the performance of your wired network. MethodIT can detect wireless interference, signal strength and coverage, rogue wireless devices, and where to place wireless access point when installing a wireless network at your business.

So, whether wired or wireless, let MethodIT test the performance of your network.

Network Mapping

MethodIT will map your networking systems that documents all your devices and how they are connected. This is the basis to location a bad switch port, faulty cable, application bottleneck, etc. Let MethodIT help to maintain optimal performance on your business IT system.